Wykład IEEE Photonics Society Prof. Ghanshyam Singh, MNIT Jaipur, Indie

IEEE Photonics Society Poland Chapter oraz Instytut Telekomuniakcji, WEiTI PW serdecznie zaprasza na wykład Distinguished Lecture:

"Photonic Integrated Devices and Systems: Technology for next generation networks"

Prof. Ghanshyam Singh, MNIT Jaipur, India

godz. 10:15, 23 października 2017 r.

Sala 413A (IV piętro), Wydział Elektroniki i Technik Informacyjnych, ul. Nowowiejska 15/19,Warszawa

Kontakt: jturkiew@tele.pw.edu.pl


Photonic Integrated Devices and Systems: Technology for next generation networks

Communications networks and systems are seeing extreme increase in network traffic which is growing at the tremendous rate of 30% per year. It is estimated that the energy and cost requirements will increase tenfold in coming ten years. But this progress is not sustainable from ecological and economic point of view. However, this information explosion can be dealt with, using integration of very small photonic components on very high density Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). The technological advancements in PICs have made them a popular choice for components of next generation networks. Silicon being the evident choice due to its high availability, mature fabrication technology, and low cost has attracted the researchers to explore the possibilities of integrating the fast photonics components on a chip. At the same time, the unique material properties and direct bandgap, group III-V materials have huge potential in applications like laser, amplifiers, modulators and detectors. Due to robustness, flexibility, reliability and performance of PICs, many commercial solutions are now available for a variety of applications.

Dr. Ghanshyam Singh received B. Engg, M. Tech and PhD degrees in Electronics and Communication Engineering. In 1999, he joined Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India and presently is Associate Professor with the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He had worked as a visiting researcher at Herriot watt University, Edinburgh (UK) in 2009, a recipient of CIMO fellowship (by Govt. of Finland) to work with nano fabrication facilities, Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus during January–June 2010 and Visiting Professor at Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Keio University, Japan in 2013. He has authored/co-authored more than 120 publications with reputed Journals and peer reviewed conferences covering important research areas from Optical Engineering and Photonic Technologies. Presently, Dr. Singh is engaged with joint research projects with partner researchers from KEIO University (Japan), University of Vienna (Austria), Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine) and University of Cairo (Egypt). Dr. Singh is a Senior Member of IEEE, OSA and Fellow member of OSI and IETE. He is also a life member of other important professional societies including; SPIE, ISTE, BESI, IE (India), etc. His current research interest includes integrated photonics, micro and nano-structured all optical devices and networks and photonic crystal fibers.